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Many activities in response to World Mine Awareness Day 4/4

(21/12/19 09:10)

Vietnam is one of the countries to suffer heavy consequences of mines and unexploded ordnance left over from wars. According to the results of a comprehensive study on the current status of residual contamination of mines and unexploded ordnance, the land area of Vietnam currently contaminated with boms, mines and explosive objects is 6.1 million hectares, accounting for 18.71% national land area. The number of unexploded ordnance and unexploded ordnance remains scattered in 63/63 provinces and cities, but is most concentrated in the Central provinces.

The Organizing Committee awarded prizes to contestants at the drawing contest with the theme "Because the community is safe and there is no mine / UXO accident".

In particular, Quang Binh province has 100% of communes, wards and towns in the province are contaminated with bombs and mines with a total area of ​​nearly 225,000 ha. In the past 10 years, there have been 164 mine / UXO accidents in the last 10 years, killing 49 and injuring 115 people. Thousands of people with disabilities throughout their lives. One of the basic causes of this situation is that people, especially young people and young people do not recognize and distinguish mines and UXO to prevent them.

Mr. Tran Huu Thanh, Deputy Head of Planning and Coordination Department of the Vietnam National Mine Action Center, said that immediately after the end of the war, the Party and the State paid special attention to overcoming the consequences of mines and ERW. , regularly directing the clearance of bombs and mines, supporting victims, intensifying propaganda activities to minimize accidents caused by boms, mines and explosive objects, improving the lives of people in polluted areas. . In terms of mine clearance, it is necessary to have a large and long-term resource, so it is necessary to firstly carry out the task of mine risk education and education among people, especially for people. child statues.

Painting contest of students with the theme "For a safe community, no mine / UXO accident" was held vigorously, attracting 100 students in the province to participate.

The meeting and the activities to respond to World April 4 on UXO were held as activities of deep humanity meaning to express the aspiration of a peaceful world without bombs and mines. live peacefully and developly of Vietnamese people. At the same time, encourage and encourage political and social organizations, individuals at home and abroad to join hands to contribute to overcoming the consequences of bombs and mines left by the war.

At the meeting, many meaningful activities took place, attracting a large number of people from Quang Binh province to participate such as: learning about knowledge of mines, UXO, explosive devices and prevention methods. avoid; marched on the central streets of Dong Hoi city, propagandized with the message "Join hands in overcoming the consequences of mines and ERW after the war".

In particular, a drawing contest of students aged 8 - 15 years old with the theme "For a safe community, no mine / UXO accident" was held, attracting 100 pupils in the province. exam.

At the end of the Contest, the Organizing Committee presented 12 prizes, of which the First Prize went to Hoang Ngoc Mai Anh, Hai Dinh Primary School, Dong Hoi City.

In order to contribute to minimizing harms and consequences caused by boms, mines and explosive objects, in the coming time, the Youth Union in Quang Binh province will continue to promote propaganda to raise awareness and awareness of prevention. mine and UXO accidents for the community.


In addition to organizing many diverse and diverse activities in order to deliver messages of warning about the dangers of mines and UXO to the people, especially for children, thereby contributing to the reduction of mine-related injuries and accidents. with community and youth, units promote coordination with local authorities, organizations in the country and internationally to mobilize maximum resources for mine action, join hands to improve living conditions, support for mine / UXO survivors to integrate into the community.

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